The Curious Case of Somkesh Bakshi

Mr. Somkesh Bakshi had a struggling detective agency business and was himself an interesting man. His big glasses sat perched on his nose while he pretended to be reading from his thick books about some case he had solved in the past. He had two of his buck teeth always showing and more so when he talked avidly about a case he so miraculously solved in the glory days.

It was one Friday morning, a sunny day and quiet as usual with no customers in sight. Mr. Bakshi’s assistant Ramu was more of a chai boy and did menial tasks in the office rather than help in any case (as there were none). Surprisingly, there was a knock at the office door and when Ramu went to answer it, he was even more surprised to let a lady who claimed to be seeking detective services, inside to meet Mr. Bakshi.

Sunita Das sat in the just dusted, creaky chair in the room next to Mr. Bakshi and bawled out her dilemma. She was here not because her husband was lost or he was having an affair or her child was lost or even for that matter, for lost jewellery; she was here because she had lost her Television Bill!!

Mr. Bakshi was unmoved by the matter and did find it to be grave. He inquired further about the series of events which had caused Mrs. Das to seek her lost bill. So Mrs. Das narrated the whole series of misevents leading to the hunt for the bill.

It was a shiny new, 40-inch Television that Mrs. Das had bought with her salary for the entire household. She was the most thrilled, apart from her husband and daughter, being a TV buff. The TV was quickly set up in the living room and was no less than a showpiece for all the guests coming to the house. Everyone was happy with the barrage of Bollywood, Hollywood, Serials and MTV Beats.

Then one Sunday, it happened. Sanya, Mrs. Das’s daughter turned on the TV to see the pictures in black & white to her dismay! She tried changing channels, but it was the same faded images everywhere. She cried out for help and Mr. and Mrs. Das were horrified about the discovery. Post many failed attempts to revive the colours, Mrs. Das called up the Dealer from where she had purchased the TV to inform him about the damage. She was hoping to get immediate help to fix the TV at no cost as it was brand new and in warranty period. However, the first thing the Dealer asked her, was whether she had the Bill on her as, without it, no warranty could be claimed. Mrs. Das went BLANK with this question. She panicked in her mind and raced it to the day she had bought the TV. She obviously had not thought of a Bill’s importance and the fact that she would be ever facing this situation, hence did not keep it properly. She doled out Rs. 5000/- for the damage, as a part had to be replaced. She considered it as bad vaastu, quickly changed the setting of a few things in the living room and went back to happy times.

5 months into the happy times, the same part that was replaced gave way! Mrs. Das remembered that the Dealer had mentioned the repair part had a 6 month warranty. She very confidently (this time in person) walked into the showroom hoping to get special attention on narrating the repair issue. But on this too, the Dealer refused to replace the repaired part without the bill. Mrs. Das had clearly forgotten to demand for the bill and hence put up a fight with the dealer claiming no bill was issued to her. The dealer’s plain response was, that she should’ve asked for the bill.

Mrs. Das was livid and wanted to teach the dealer a lesson. She threatened to take him to court for his misdemeanor and cunningness but soon realised that without the Bill, she could not even file a case against the dealer! Apparently, a Bill is the only proof of Mrs. Das being a customer in the court of law.

She swallowed her anger and decided to just get rid of the ‘manhoos’ TV. She quickly repaired it and displayed it for sale online. She thought this would be the end of her misfortunes. But lo and behold, the prospective buyers were asking for the wretched Bill again! Seemingly, the Bill confirms the purchase date as well as the amount it was bought for, making resale a cakewalk.

And this was the reason, Mrs. Das now desperately wanted Mr. Somkesh Bakshi to step in and hunt for her Bill. At this time, even if someone could magically create a new Bill for her, she would happily avail his/her services for that! We all know of Mr. Bakshi’s capabilities and how the task at hand is almost impossible.

You always have two choices in life – Avail of Mr. Bakshi’s Detective service to hunt for your lost bill or Save your Bill for a Rainy Day!


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