Golden Rules to Manage Your Home

All of us managing the house have those days where we feel things are out of control and tasks are snowballing. The house just doesn’t stay tidy and you have to prepare for the next meal already! Running a house is not an easy job. It’s impossible to track how & where time flies. Make the most of every minute you have and do it with ease. To Manage Your Home is definitely the most important work in the world and calls for your sincere time and effort.

However, with these simple steps one can manage time, get the maximum work done, while still manage to get recreational time and look calm & lovely.

Be Organized :

If you tell yourself, you’ll remember all the tasks you are surely going to forget at least half of them. Our mind tends to filter the information. It forgets a lot of things and creates chaos. To avoid this situation make a daily and weekly task list more like a Schedule Chart. This will help you meet the set timelines for each task.

Early mornings or tea time is the best time to ponder over tasks to do and organize your day. It takes only 10 minutes to spare some thought to this to make your day effective and smooth. Jot down each & every task to be completed in the day, bill payments, grocery & vegetables shopping list, personal and official appointments, health activity as well as some ‘ME’ time. Put down a tentative time slot and duration for each task. You must record this schedule every day for effective results. I prefer keeping it handy on my mobile phone at all times.

I assure you that your day would be very fruitful and you would notice amazing results. You would not just be able to manage your day and home better, but also manage to find more ‘ME’ time for yourself.

Embrace Technology :

We are all in a day and age in time that makes it easy for us to access technology to our benefit. We know how to walk with time and it does pay to be tech savvy.

Everything is available online nowadays, from any information to buying groceries, clothes, books, toys, gifts etc. Life can be the most convenient if you want it to be.

In addition, you need all your paperwork related to your appliances, vehicles and other valuable items in order. This is required so that you don’t miss important dates like warranty and insurance renewals etc. You must also keep track of your home expenses as well as have your monthly budget in place.

That is a lot of information and tracking required. This is when technology comes in really handy. Today you get many tools in the form of mobile applications to manage your work. Use the right tool to manage your home and everything in it. And I assure you that your life will be easy and more systematic.

Art of Delegation :

4 people assigned to ten minutes of a cleaning task can accomplish 40 minutes of that cleaning task in the same ten minutes. Good managers are good delegators. Choosing a task best suited keeping in mind the person’s ability and preference (including your children) around the house would get you astonishing results.

Don’t take the sole responsibility of decision making in the house, instead involve the whole family. You should have a weekly discussion with family members to help in planning the activities for the week. This discussion should include the meal chart for the week helping you to avoid delay in deciding what to cook everyday as well as help you save time in grocery shopping for the week.

Assign some chores to your children to save time. For instance, you could assign them the duty to keep their rooms clean and to always keep their books and toys back in place. After each meal, the children should be taught to put away their plates in the kitchen sink. These are lifelong habits if once inculcated can save you a lot of time and energy on getting things done out of your children. Your children too would be grateful to you in the long run.

Similarly, needless to say managing and sharing your household duties with your better half is crucial to an organised and happy household.

Quality ‘Me Time’ :

I see a lot of men and especially women forgetting their priorities in the process of living up to someone else’s expectations. Agreed that with marriage and family comes a lot of expectations and responsibilities. And this hardly leaves one time for himself/herself. However, it is non-negotiable to spend at least half hour (if not one hour) dedicated to your own self doing something you enjoy.

I usually like to spend some time with a friend chatting about mundane things; this makes me happy and is my stress buster. You could read a novel or go out for a coffee or a drive or do any activity that brings peace or joy to you. Women could also spend that time pampering themselves in a salon!

The ‘ME’ time is undoubtedly rejuvenating and refreshing. You owe this time to yourself and should consider it important as it would also help you in doing everything else more effectively.  If you have your day planned and organized, you will definitely find time for yourself.

Be Organized. Be Efficient. Be smart. Stay Calm. Stay Beautiful.

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