Isn’t It Time To Start After Sales Reform?

After Sales Communication

One Home – Many Product – Many Needs – One Platform

The progress of mankind is almost in tangent to the enlargement of the bandwidth of technology. Certainly, our lives have become simpler with the emergence of technology, to start with, even in sales.  Look at the emergence  AI, Big data, AR to empower user experience in sales. This has helped cement the presence of multi-product retail platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon, uplifting the brand-consumer interaction to another level. But what fails badly is the Easy After Sales Brand Connect, which can be described as a dismissal to a great extent. While the whole gamut is all about selling- what happens when the product is sold?  Ironically, no one thinks about after sales life through product usage lifecycle until the end of disposal.

So, Why After Sales Service. This negligence is detrimental to both buyers and sellers. For brands, they are missing out on a great deal of loyalty building practices, while for consumers, lack of proper maintenance leads to unnecessary and expensive services, making it an unfavorable thing amongst buyers. And not surprisingly, great communication and stellar service, go hand-in-hand. Yet, the existing process of after sales communication is too fragmented to compliment ease. The time is ripe for convergence of all after-sales services.

Take the scenario- You have bought your car some time ago. By 6th month PUC is about to expire, by 12th month your insurance is up for renewal and your car is due for scheduled service. Think about it- what do you do when you are stopped by traffic police for a random check and car’s PUC or insurance has expired or a vehicle breaks down in middle of a road.This is not restricted(limited) just to your vehicle- it can happen with any appliances that you own. You’ve spent hours on buying them, yet, ironically, when it comes to service/ disposal- you’re at your wit’s end! Imagine all the pain you had to go through in these situations just to reach out to the right person, roadside assistance and authorized service center. Theoretically, they are just a phone call away but the reality is just not true. The need of the hour is an all-in-one platform that digitally stores Every Product, Every Detail, Every Action All in one Place, in one touch.

What is required here is an automated platform to converge all Customer After-sales Services- from Finding the nearest authorized service center to hosting a comprehensive Repair History Of Appliances. Here too, technology holds great potentiality in creating a positive disruption to staid practices.It is a basic prerequisite for any human to add ease to his/her life and the looking for a fully customizable after sales services is not an improbable dream, but a growing reality!

It is said by Jamie Notter “Innovation is a change which unlocks Value” perhaps it’s high time when we refined the way we use simple things like bills to unlock the convenience of communication and become calm, so that we may have one less thing to worry about in our lives.

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