BinBill Saves Time & Aids Memory

save your time and money

Time is money – One of the celebrated quotes of the modern age, holding resonance over the old and new. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • We would often exchange money to get more time.
  • We often exchange our time for money (e.g. when we are at work).
  • The more efficiently we work, the more money we can make.
  • Interest on our savings will only accrue over time.
  • On the stock market, shares can rise or fall in value in very short spaces of time.
  • Many jobs are paid per hour or per year, thus assigning a clear monetary value to time.
  • When we buy a watch or another timepiece, we may be said to be placing a monetary value on the ability to tell the time.

Yet it is this simple understanding that has gone beyond contention, for mankind. In the hustle and bustle of things, we have forgotten the actual utility of mind, leading to unnecessary wastage of time. Certainly, the mind is an inexhaustible powerhouse that can contain the universe in its cells. Yet, it has its share of inadequacies. The constant stream of knowledge one acquires on a daily basis get’s replaced by the onslaught of extra information that we receive. The modern era has progressed to that extent that a lot is asked of an Average Joe.  Balancing time and utility remains a task- in spite of technology progressing with every tick of the clock. This leads to loss of crucial information that we might require on further notice. This, therefore, leads to redundant steps that we perform again and again- resulting in loss of time and credibility.

Take the example of storing documents- one of the simplest yet often erroneous tasks on our kitty. We carry the physical proof of documentation  all across the world, despite being in the age of digital. Hence, in times of relocation and shifting, things get misplaced easily and that important bill or warranty card is lost forever. And in the current scenario of things, having a proof of document is essential as your proof of ownership is tied up in those scraps of paper. You need digitization to empower your actions. BinBill  is a platform that comprehensively helps you in managing data, helping you save time to retrieve important information.

It is an all-inclusive platform to supplement your tryst at  time management as it stores and retrieves your vital information, at a single touch. It’s seamless functionality helps you save and retain documents that would make the functioning of your life easier. Lost documents would be history with BinBill by your side.


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