Being a Spendthrift will Cost You

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In this expensive era, we cannot afford to while away our hard earned money on things which are in our control. It is our forgetful nature that puts us in a spot, most of the times- as maintenance is no wizardry and requires nothing but constant vigilance. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend money on things that are necessary and utilize it for the good? Are we that incorrigible that nothing in this world can fix our reckless expenses?

What does one understand by  expenses? The very archaic definition would be: “the cost incurred on acquiring something”. In reality, it is not far from the truth. Expenses are something that one accrues, on a daily basis. From the basic needs like water to luxury items like Gucci shoes, everything has a price tag and to own them, they have to be revered. But while we love spending, be it impulsive or calculated, maintenance is never on our to-do list.

Keeping  up with a feel-good infused lifestyle, we have developed a spendthrift mentality with a hunger to acquire things. While juggling our personal life with  professional ambitions, we end up forgetting important dates such as a date of renewal, scheduled maintenance etc. for all that we have acquired. This often leads to an unwanted chaos whenever our appliances and vehicles breakdown, leading to a hole in our pocket. And let’s not talk about those which are beyond repair- buying a new appliance is an expensive affair, we know that!

An even scarier thought is the the misplacement of valuable documents required for repair! The mountain of expenses just keeps rising without a stop. Imagine the breakdown of your premium Air Conditioner – you’ve bought it as a reward to yourself and your family for a peaceful sleep in the summer’s heat. Alas, it is a shame that you’ve forgotten the scheduled maintenance and now , you’re left gasping for that cool air in the middle of the night. How does it feel to sleep in an oven? Oh! But these things are not in our hands, you say earnestly!

But you are wrong! What you need is a veritable app that helps in maintaining all the above, as a single-point assistant which notifies us on all such critical events and saves us from unwanted chaos. Like an accountant that keeps check on timely maintenance and unwanted expenditure. And to say the least, its like a comprehensive storage locker that keeps our   documents safe.

So a product card can help you save the situation and reduce your hassles – So Go on, Create, Store and Manage your life….efficiently. Discover BinBill– A better way of life.


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