Refund & Cancellation Policy

BinBill connects its users with their neighborhood grocery retailers and helps them transact using BinBill’s platform. BinBill provides its users option to delete items from shopping list at the time of delivery, if they found items delivered are either damaged, expired or even not required. BinBill does not ask its users to pay for ordered items at the time of checkout.

BinBill only acts as a platform to facilitate transaction between users and their neighborhood retailers. BinBill at this point of time does not even undertake home delivery and that the retailer undertakes delivery on its own.

BinBill sellers deliver ordered items in Open Box or Open Bag and users can see all items for its quality, MRP, expiry before paying for them. BinBill users are advised to check for items either home delivered or delivered at store carefully for any quality, price, MRP, expiry related defect and pay only after ensuring items meet their expectations.

Users are required to pay for items only after users are completely satisfied and that they have option to refuse delivery partly or fully without having to pay for the items returned upfront. However in case user wishes to return any items after they have already paid, then they can get in touch with the connected retailer on which they had placed that order. BinBill provides complete details of the sellers. If the retailer at its sole discretion agrees to take back one or more items, then any refund will have to be sought by the retailer directly and that BinBill as a platform does not have any seamless provision to cancel items already paid for either Online or Offline.

However in exceptional circumstances BinBill may at its sole discretion attempt to resolve any dispute between the retailers and its users.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Users can party or fully cancel an order at the time of delivery as BinBill does not mandatorily ask its users to pay before the items have been received. Users are encouraged to pay only after items have been received & verified.

  • Refund Policy

    Users can refuse delivery for one or more items either at home or in store if these items do not meet quality parameters as indicated above. Any refund once items have been paid for will have to be managed directly with the neighborhood retailers. BinBill provides complete details of the retailer including name, phone number, address, location etc.


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